Welcome to the IoT suitcase.

Here you will find documentation and
additional material for the contents of the IoT suitcase

  1. PIR – movement sensor
  2. Light sensor
  3. Magnetic Contact Switch
  4. Temperature Measurement
  5. Humidity Measurement
  6. Ultrasonic Distance/ Level Sensor
  7. Tilt Sensor
  8. Sound Level Sensor
  9. Outdoor/indoor Co2

Access to Data

Data for all sensors is stored in a mongodb database hosted in Sense Solutions Datacenter at Cibicom

Every event is stored with additional meta data. En example of a single event is show below: 


    _id: ObjectId(“63481192657e2a7266bfe874”),

    temperature: 22.1,

    humidity: 44.5,

    EUI: ’24E124136C344374′,

    rssi: -69,

    snr: 10.5,

    timestamp: 1665667492078,

    gweui: ‘647FDAFFFF009A11’,

    bat: 255,

    device_name: ‘K2 Environment Monitoring Sensor’,

    model_id: ‘EM300-TH-868M’,

    type: ‘Environment Monitoring Sensor’,

    fw_version: ‘1.0’




Besides the fields the sensor reports – the following fields are always present:

  • EUI: The device identifier. Every sensor has a unique EUI 
  • RSSI: The signal strength (dB) from the gateway that received signal from the sensor. This should be greater than -120. For consistent results -110 is a good signal.
  • SNR: Signal to noice ratio(dB) of the signal recieved. This should be greater than -7.
  • Timestamp: A unix format timestamp. 1665667492078  equals Thursday 13. October 2022 13:24:52.078 (https://www.epochconverter.com/)
  • GWEUI: The id of the gateaway that has received the data from the sensor.
  • BAT: Battery capacity of the sensor (value 0-255 where 255 is 100%)
  • device_name: Name of the device
  • model_id: Id of the model
  • type: Type of device
  • fw_version: Version of the sensor


Database access is read only and the data is stored for 365 days.

Access to database can be done using the native client Compass : https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/compass 

Forbindelse oprettes således i Compass. <credentials> erstattes med det udleverede brugernavn og password.